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xenken - real sharing & giving community

Become part of a real sharing & giving community build on trust. No price tags when sharing.

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Too Important To Leave Untried

What you don't need anymore, might be the needs of others. What you have too much, others might be missing.

All Free

There are no price tags. Its about lending, sharing or giving not about selling or renting.

Change the World

It seems impossible to change the world, but if everyone makes a tiny change, we can start changing our wastfull society.

Messenger Chat

Sharing and giving is about trust and personal connections. Get in touch with eachother.

Reduce Waste

Lets reduce waste. Someone might need, what you don't want anymore.

Don't hoard - share

Our homes are full of comestics, food, books, movies, games and utilities that are just laying around. Share them and give them a higher use.

Share & Give

Add and promote Items you want to give away or would share with others

Find Items

Find stuff you need and others would share or help others to find what they need.

Invite Only

Invite your family and friends. Its invite only, since we believe that trust is crutial.


Location Based

See where you can pick up items or define a location where an item can be picked up.

Create Groups

Build sharing groups just as you are used in your communication apps.


You can directly connect to someone and ask questions about an item.

xenken is built on trust. Sharing economy should be about lending, shareing or giving, without a price tag.

Invite me

Want to be part of our share & give economy?

Got stuff to share, give or lend or want to help reduce waste?Since our community is built on trust, you can only take part by invitation.